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As you may remember,I have run a Bigot Watch campaign that usually takes a pop at Old Firm fans, or contents of Old Firm fanzines.This time I didn’t have to look beyond the Rangers programme from the game in January.I found in there a piece by a Gers fan called“ Light Blue Banter ”by Colin Armstrong,and some of the things he says are a bit of an insult to our club and our manager.


He starts,“ ….you would think that with Terry Butcher running things at Fir Park they’d produce at least one or two good players who are Rangers supporters ”, “ Pearson has shown his colours with who he has signed for, and McFadden was never short of a word or two as far as the hoops are concerned ”.He then makes the assertion,“ Terry must be going soft in his old age ”.


He tops it all by saying,“ I certainly can’t imagine the Terry Butcher who nearly decapitated Billy McNeill …… sharing the dressing room with followers of the hoops - let alone picking him for his side ” .For me this just shows how narrow minded many Rangers supporters are,they can’t believe that someone who once played for them can have the interests of another club( particularly a smaller Scottish one ) at heart.


There is almost an assumption that a former Ranger should build a club in the image of his former employers and employ only players who are Rangers supporters and also make sure that he rears them for a move to Ibrox, rather than find the best young talent he can for Motherwell and produce the best side at Fir Park that he can, and if they move on elsewhere for our benefit then so be it.


I know from speaking to Terry that every time we play Rangers he is desperate to beat them and enjoys this more than any other win !You only have to think back to his reaction when we won on Boxing Day 2002 to see that.The man is now steeped in Claret and Amber,but I don’t think we will look for him to sign only Motherwell fans in his next job, if he ever moves on !!


I suppose the article was written tongue in cheek and aimed at the large home audience without a thought for the few hundred visitors.Maybe the club should have a quiet word with the contributor and hope that there is no repeat of this kind of nonsense.


Not that I am against a programme article that gets people talking,I know that I have written a few trying to have a go at the Old Firm,journalists etc but I hope I have never insulted a club or its manager in this kind of way.



Graham Barnstaple

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