GLF51: There's Only One Bob Malcolm

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GLF 51: Calum's roundup


There’s only one Bob Malcolm!


Even though Faddy and Pearo are gone, I’m quite content with the new terrace chant of “ There’s only one David Clarkson !! ”.Personally I think the guy is brilliant.He may not have the fancy touches of Faddy or the pace of Pearo, but puts in so much effort you can’t help but like him as much.Add his on - fire predator boots and I really think we have a player to match them both. Considering in some recent matches he was getting only one or two shots per game, scoring five in two was pretty special. The fact that he is the same age as me makes me appreciate what he is doing even more.Actually I think I’m just jealous, haha.


I have really got to stop predicting the worst at ‘Well games.Just before Dundee United scored their free kick I jokingly said to my dad the bottom right corner looked tasty.Before the Hibees game my mate and I were trying to make light heart about past last minute screamers for the opposition in front of the South Stand. I always remember Kevin McGowne, Christophe Cocard, Jerome Vareille and Kris Boyd for Killie in particular, as my Ayrshire Killie mates don’t let me forget.Young for Aberdeen, Larsson for Celtic, Townsley for Hibs.The list goes on in recent years.It was just a bit weird that on this day the South Stand curse struck again.I dream of a top corner free kick nestling in the onion bag many a day, how come that never happens very often?


Sportscene when the Motherwell fans were on I found one of the points quite strange.Don’t quote me but someone said that we were “happy ” to see players move on and had to accept that’s they way things are.Everyone accepts we have to sell our promising youngsters, but we are definitely not happy about it.Is it just me or is everyone happy?I’m still gutted when I look at the Sunday papers and see McFadden in the Everton subs.


Trust Pearo to score straight away for Shellic.Being honest, he was rank rotten in his last few games for us and was merely a passenger.Maybe things were just not going for him, but I don’t think he was totally committed to the cause near the end.I know he played some crackers for the team, but I’ll never remember him as fondly as good old Faddy The Daddy!


St Johnston was good fun! So many things reminded me of Clyde in the cup last year. It was freezing again; fans had to be punted into another stand, a glorious double from our present hero and a tasty McDonald’s on the way home!


the winter break debate, personally I’m all for summer football.When you are waiting in Dunfermline at five o’clock with a blue right hand because of the cold,you start to think things are going too far.Seriously, this happened to me even wearing gloves !You can’t beat sitting in your shorts and ‘Well Shirt at games.The plastic pitch was weird; don’t think it’s the future.Was a bit worried when Toastie slipped. Surely Jason Dair can’t use the pitch as an excuse for being a lazy sod that day.Where are we going to get the under soil heating money from?With Livi following the trend, the SFA / SPL should be helping clubs instead of forcing them into things that are not a current necessity. Getting rid of debt is a necessity, not causing clubs to go into more.


Isn’t it great to hear the “Wee Dougie” chant again ?My wee bro only remembers Dougie Arnott for this song.Hopefully it can continue with his stunt double bagging a few more goals.He definitely looks a player, better than Kemas and Offiong. That wouldn’t be hard though would it!!


I couldn’t go to Ibrox last year because of the prices, so this year I started saving the pennies early.I even had to go all the way to Motherwell while supposedly on study leave to get a ticket, as Motherwell wouldn’t send it through the post.Don’t want to dwell on this point, but come on Motherwell get it sorted.You sent me one for the Celtic game?It was a shame to get nothing from Ibrox.That was the most rotten Rangers home performance I have even seen.Namouchi Couchie who?Nothing needs to be said about Bob Malcolm; even the blues - noses think he’s guff.


Did anyone hear the rumour about Uncle Phil having to get stitches in his chin after his debut against the Arabs?When he fresh aired his first shot at goal, I’m sure his boot went so high it clipped his Jimmy Hill.Oh, it was funny.


Anyone else reckons we should chuck a few old, cut - off shirt sleeves onto the pitch during the next home game.A wee bit of amber die would sort them out.Surely the kit man could sew them on.


Leitchy, I miss you already!


Calum Stewart


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