GLF51: Terry's All Gold

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GLF 51: Terry's latest thoughts.


Terry's All Gold


What a joke - all the pundits moaning abouth the favoured two bigots not having the money to buy players when the rest of Scotland's football clubs have never been in such a parlous state.As long as half of Scotland favours them they will always be untouchable.


The media are forever writing about the so - called great treble - winning teams but never has Scottish football seen such a weak top league.The clubs are just hanging on financially which has forced them into playing youngsters, but at least the one good thing is that it shows that Scotland does have talent.But the down side is that there is no chance of competing for honours with these young players when the gates are so poor, consequently they cannot afford to buy quality players whilst the two clubs they are trying to catch have a support between them of over 100,000.


As Brian Clough once said when he was competing against England's top guns, " The toughest job of all is trying to create a team and at the same time having to sell the best of the young talent that comes along ".


When you think of Motherwell's team at the start of the season, if that group of players could have stopped together for five years what would they have achieved ?Yes, we can dream, reality tells us the strong get stronger and the weak weaker.Pearson is a good example, bought on the cheap and not only that he had not performed for weeks because of O'Neill knawing away with transfer specualtion.


I also believe most of 'Well's players are either Rangers or Celtic supporters - that must stick in the gullet as you pay your money at the turnstile.



Having just recently moved to a new address, I came across many letters to my wife during my National Service days in the R.A.F.One in particular stood out when I was stationed at Bawtry near Doncaster H.Q. Bomber Command.It brought back one of my greatest 'Well memories and dates in their history - APRIL 19TH 1952, our first ever Cup win.This is what I wrote on Sunday afternoon, April 20th 1952;


" Well, I expect you will be wondering if I went to Glasgow to see the Final.I am afraid I did not because I did not get paid the extra money ( weekly National Service wage = £2 ) I had hoped I should be getting.I listened to the match on the wireless ( no T.V. in those days ).One of the chaps in a room close by me let me have his wireless on and there was I, a nervous wreck, listening to the game alone in the room.


You should have seen me when Motherwell scored, I was that excited I felt like doing a war dance.But when they added three more goals I just went mad.A good job I was on my own.Yes Winnie, I am really pleased and have not cooled down yet over Motherwell's grand performance.I bet you all had a shock when you heard the score was 4 - 0
( my wife Winnie, as well as my mother and father ) Motherwell certainly made a job of it


During the game it poured with rain.Despite that, the gates were closed ( Jock from Tullibody, my best friend from a previous camp I had been stationed at, went to the game but along with thousands more was locked out ).Probably you heard how big the crowd was on Sports Report ( the one and only sports broadcast in that era ), 136,294.You should have heard the roar from the crowd as Motherwell were presented the Cup, it was terrific.No match has thrilled me so much.It has been Motherwell's greatest ambition to win the Cup and at last they have done it.Their lucky mascot ' Rhubarb ' the cat certainly proved to be very lucky. "



Reading this letter again to my wife after all this time brought back the vivid memories of that wonderful day.Demob came less than a month later.


Three year previous to that great day I had met two of the greatest Motherwell characters who had important roles in that Cup Final day - manager George Stevenson and secretary John Hunter. Happy days indeed.I cannot remember anything about Rhubarb the cat now - I had to laugh when I read that again !



Despite my moanings, let me say to the Claret and Amber men ( boys ) - well done the way you have soldiered on this season despite the many set - backs.Can we hope you will stick together and bring some happier days to Fir Park ?












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