GLF 56: Blackpool Rock

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GLF 56:Geoff give us his view from the seaside


Blackpool Rock



MOTHERWELLSo top six it is for a second season running.Let’s hope we can do a little better than only one point this time. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bugger up one of the Old Firm in their race for the title ?Perhaps we should be looking at the run that Inverness put together and be worrying that we will maybe not make top six next season.We came so close to letting them in this year but it was nice to pick up the point against Greetin - Face Jeffries.The man is a master of blaming everyone but himself. Let’s see how he manages next year,if he’s still there,given that Kilmarnock had budgeted for a top six finish this year and will have to do some major pruning.Start with the manager I’d suggest. Talking of managers let’s give credit to Terry and the backroom staff for exceeding our expectations this year.Give us a season with Brian Kerr running midfield and who knows what we could achieve.The split certainly did what it said it would this year.Just like Strike it Lucky with Michael Barrymore ( ouch ) there was something to play for top,middle and bottom ( ouch, again ). We’re not straining for a European slot so we can settle down and relax,with any luck,and maybe pick up a few bonus points along the way.Roll on next season.





Don’t know about you but I try to recycle to save the planet.Sad to say that most of the paper that is produced in Scotland goes towards the endless bilge that passes as ‘ news ’ about the Old Firm.With the title race ongoing expect an endless stream of non - stories and the opinions of various nonentities (Peter Grant, anyone ?).The mind games are going on with earnest as I write,with Father Martin saying Rangers get dodgy penalties and he can’t remember too many dodgy ones in his five years at Porkhead.At the other end of town Big Eck is coming out in blotches as the pressure gets close to home.We know he’s a crap manager.Hibs fans know he’s a crap manager and some Rangers fans also realise it.I could manage Rangers to success, but given the opportunity to do so I’d be pleased to lead them to relegation,as it’s hardly the toughest job in the world.Spend a ton more money than all bar one team and be arselicked by the media.Second thoughts,don’t fancy that last bit.




Mid - table mediocrity it is then.Colin Hendry has struggled through his first year as a manager and let’s hope he’s learned something from it.A good nucleus to the squad all signed up for next year including moody midfielder Richie Wellens,has already prompted some to tip Pool for promotion next year.Heard it all before but I'll still be there going " Oh my God, this is shit, isn’t it ? "I’m up here at Fir Park today ( I’m the one behind the glass in hospitality ).This follows up my trip last week to Torquay for a weekend of drunken debauchery.Oh,and Blackpool were playing as well.Notched up a few new grounds this year,a few more in line for next in the shape of Forest and Rotherham.




The squirm have just been praised in the press ( surely not ) for launching The Old Firm Alliance to tackle bigotry in Scottish schools.Meanwhile at two football grounds,and every one that they visit,decent reasonably - minded people are subjected to the usual bigoted crap from the supporters of … you guessed,the Old Firm.Bigotry needs to be tackled where it is most prevalent. That’s not the schools but everywhere that Rangers and Celtic fans congregate.What do they do about solving their own problems ? The square root of sod all.




An option or not for the Scottish game ?It would certainly be a radical move but would it be the right one ? Other countries play through the summer but their climate, unbelievably, is a lot worse than ours.We wouldn’t have the bone hard pitches of winter but might need to water our pitches in summer should we get some sun.Spectators would probably appreciate the chance to enjoy football ( have I taken that too far ?) in more pleasant weather.It certainly benefited Rugby League to move to summer,but they had the lure of $KY’s filthy lucre.It also remains to be seen just what effect it would have upon our wonderful International team.I don’t see it ever happening.The traditionalists wouldn’t like it,nor probably would the football widows who would prefer to be out enjoying the sun.



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