GLF 56: The CIS Cup Final

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GLF 56: Graham looks back on a great day



This was a strange day for me after making my decision to watch the game from the Press Box, as I have every game this season, which curtailed by involvement as a fan. Nonetheless I was never as proud to be a 'Well fan as I was at the start and end of the game.

When the teams came out my heart was ready to burst through my chest as the hordes in Claret and Amber made an almighty racket and easily drowned out those in Blue as well as putting their TIFO display in the shade. At the end it brought a tear to my eye when the bulk of the Well fans had stayed behind to show their appreciation of the effort that the boys had put in during a tough 90 minutes.

On the other hand the fans of the Dark Side couldn't seem to get into the spirit of the occasion as they sat on their hands during Amarillo while the Claret and Amber brigade gave it lalldy !Then as the game started we were treated to the first rendition of a song that Chairman Murray has tried to convince us they will ban, yes it was all about being up to our knees in Fenian blood - very politically correct.

I also noted in my notebook on about the hour mark that we heard the song Derry's Walls, and you will not convince me that it is a minority that got involved.As I lookedround it appeared to be close to 85% to 90% of them - good luck in stamping this out Mr. Murray.

Many people have said to me since that people sing the songs without understanding what they are about, sadly I don't think ignorance is an excuse, particularly the constant publicity given to this type of thing up here.

That's enough about them let's get back to us !As I have said to many people I had a great day on 20th March apart from the time between 3pm and 5pm !After the post-match press conference I hot - footed back to Fir Park and arrived just at the same time as the team bus and could react like an ordinary fan as I applauded them, like all the others who turned up, to a man for getting us to a Final and giving us another day to remember.

Terry's speech, what you could hear of it in the Cooper Stand, was very emotional and summed up the feelings of the day. From there it was into Fir Park where things were a bit subdued but no one was too suicidal and all sorts of old memories were shared as we discussed memories of not only the day bit also past 'ell experiences and players.

Next stop was the Electric Bar which had a bit of a party atmosphere about it, and it just makes you think what things would have been like if we had actually won !

The next day was a bit of a drag as the disappointment set in and work was difficult to start, which is a bit of a problem when you are working for yourself !!I started to try to watch the game on video but sadly couldn't bear to watch it as the scars were still a bit too open from the previous day.

Let's hope that we don't have to wait too long to our next final,I had to wait 32 years for my first one and then another 14 for the next one !I know that we will never get to finals every other year or whatever but more than two every 23 years would be brilliant!

Graham Barnstaple

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