GLF 56: Is the Grass Always Greener?

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GLF 56: GB looks a a few who thought they could do better elsewhere



Once again last summer we had a mini exodus with some players moving on for what they believed were greener pastures, while I am sure the players will be picking up higher wages, have they managed to progress their careers at all ?

DEREK ADAMS -probably the unluckiest of them all,he was signed by Stevie Paterson at Aberdeen and started the season up front and playing reasonably well.But he has now been relegated to the bench as Jimmy Calderwood's side have struggled after a good start.I know that Derek moved on for good reasons but once again you wonder if he casts an eye south as we head for a major final and a top six finish possibly just behind his Dons.

STEVEN CRAIG -wasn't sorry to see him go and was surprised that Stevie Paterson signed him to play at this level.He is not the stereotype Jimmy Calderwood player and I wouldn't be too sure if he is still at Pittodrie next season.

He seems to have suffered from a stupid sending off earlier in the season and he too is now seen warming the bench on a regular basis.

Never popular with 'Well fans after his comment about when being asked on holiday that no one had ever heard of Motherwell and Aberdeen were well known.They may well have heard of Aberdeen but I think the name of Steven Craig will sink without trace....

KEITH LASLEY -another I was sorry to see leave as he joined Fat Boab's tartan contingent at Plymouth.He too made a good start to the season but has been reduced to a bit of a bit - part player as his side has slid down the table.At least he has stuck it out and not headed back up the road claiming to be homesick when things didn't work out the way he might have expected.

Again I am sure Keith will be sending envious glances back up north as we played in a Cup Final and consistently challenged in the top six.But I sincerely hope that things work out for an honest hard working professional.

JASON DAIR-another who whinged that no one wanted him at Fir Park as no one spoke to him about a new contract-did you not get the hint Jason !!

He must have been delighted to have moved to that ambitious West Lothian outfit Livingston !Even being a member of the worst squad in the SPL he can't get a game every week,maybe that also tells us something.

On the other hand Terry brought in three,eventually four,players to replace the " hole " that the above left,with Kerr,Paterson and Foran all signed in pre-season and the fourth being Kevin McBride after Kerr's pre-season injury.

BRIAN KERR-no doubt Brian will be a great signing for us,one of the few current Scottish Internationalists that we have ever been able to sign.This season will be hard to tell given the time he has missed out due to injury.If he was signed to replace to Keith Lasley,I am sure we have won a watch with this one,and that's no disrespect to Keith Lasley.

JIM PATERSON -hard to know who he replaced,probably Steven Craig,and I think he has shown more consistency and threat than Craig did last season.Again I think we have come out on this one with a plus.

RICHIE FORAN-all we knew about Richie when he signed was that he had disciplinary problems at Carlisle, and I am sure we are delighted that he has put those ( well most of them ) behind him and has been a star this season.Assuming he was signed to replace Derek Adams,again I don't think that we have lost anything in the side with this signing.

KEVIN McBRIDE -in comparison to Jason Dair ... Kevin is miles in front of him as a football player.An ability to ghost past people,a great delivery from a set piece and an eye for a goal.Definitely a major plus on this one.

Looking at the above analysis I think, as we near the end of another "successful season",that we have come out on the positive side in transfer dealings carried out at the start of the season.

The struggles of the players who have left may help explain why many of the existing squad have signed extended contracts early in the season.

It also goes to show that,like any job,making a move can be a major risk,and sometimes it is better the devil you know.I would also suggest that the management team deserve a great deal of credit for this with the atmosphere that they have created and also the commitment that they have made to the club themselves.


Graham Barnstaple

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