GLF 56: Looking Forward to Next Season

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GLF 56: Malcolm looks forward to next season.


Looking forward to next season

For the first time in what feels like a long time,we're coming to the end of a season in a position where I for one am not feeling worried about the season to follow.This feels strange,but if anything I'm almost starting to look to next season with an optimism that we can for once build on the relative success we've achieved in the last couple of years.

There is one reason for this and it can be summed up in a single word,stability ! Terry and Maurice have signed extensions to their contracts.I can look through the first team squad photo and be confident that most of them will be posing for next seasons calender shot.Of all our important players, I think the only real question mark is over Big Marsh.Maybe he's got another year in himand maybe not,he certainly won't be easily replaced if he does hang up his gloves.Sure we could probably find a younger and more agile goalie and in BJ Corr we might already have his replacement on the books,but the big mans experience and distribution would be sorely missed.

Certainly when compared with last summer with Adams, Dair and Lasley all leaving you wondered what sort of midfield we'd have ?Well with Dair and Adams leaving
many would suggest it'd be a better one,and whatever you think about those who have came and went we're certainly no worse off without them.

Still with bigger things expected from likes of Kerr,Foran,Fitzpatrick and a few more, I think we can maybe find a level of consistency that has been lacking despite many a wonderful performance from the boys.As it is, we look like making consecutive Top Six finishes but we have threatened more.Losing the cup final wasn't quite as painful as I feared it would be and I wouldn't rule us out from getting to another one next year,although I'm well aware the history books tell us not to expect it.

When I think back even to pre - season this year when Kerr was injured and we were looking fairly poor,it has to said I couldn't have foreseen how well we have done this season.So fingers crossed I'm not equally surprised next season as I think it will take something quite unforeseen for us not to at the very least have another steady season.I can't help thinking though that with one or two shrewd signings in the summer we can put in a right good challenge for third place and qualifying for the Uefa cup next year.

If Terry gets the aggression he wants out the players and they belief in themselves as much as I ( and I hope we all ) do,then why not ?I don't think our would - be competitors,Aberdeen,Hibs and Hearts are anything special,Hibs in particular might struggle to hold onto their strikeforce. Aberdeen are talking about shipping in and out seven or eight players.God only knows what the situation at Hearts will be like !We just might find ourselves well placed for our best league campaign in a long time.


Malcolm Boyd

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