GLF 59: Accuracy

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GLF 59: Kenny has a go at the commentators.



According to David Pleat,Thierry Henry is pronounced Terry Henry, Robert Pires is, well Robert (of the Bobby variety) Pires but best of all Zinedine Zidane is known inexplicably as Zanze!?!


Whilst the blithering Pleat, who was co-commentating on the recent Champions League game between Real Madrid and Arsenal, seems to be the only one to get world famous players confused with someone he met down the local pub or the fifth teletubbie, he isn't alone in getting players names wrong.


Earlier on in the season I heard Alan Rough refer to Man Utd's Park Ji-Sung as the boy from Japan,as if‘ well he looks Asian and he plays football, so he must be from Japan .'


I mean come on how often do we see Corrigan confused for Craigan,McLean for Quinn, Foran for Kerr etc etc.Where does it end - Thermeus for Butcher ?!


Nowhere else would this sort of blazing inaccuracy from people who are supposed to be experts be tolerated ?Imagine Robbie Williams appearing on stage as Will Young or KT Tunstall as Katie Melua.


One of the first things you're taught as a journalist is that above all,you must be accurate.Even if you don't know your semi-colons from your full stops,the facts must be right.Why is it then that time and time again I see supposed authorities on the game get the names of well known players completely and utterly wrong ?


The journalists and pundits who cover the beautiful game are in a job most fans would kill for, however they are also positions of massive responsibility–relaying to thousands of fans blow for blow accounts of matches across the country.


Maybe they need reminding that these same fans pour vast amounts of money into the very industry that provides them with employment,you'd think the least they could do is look as though they know what they're talking about.

Kenny Angove


Quiz Answers


1)Andy Watson ( v Rangers ),Jim Griffin ( v Hearts,St Johnstone )

2)FC Lahti3)Rob Newman

4)Sun will still be shining tomorrow.5)Scott Thompson.

6)Stefan Lindqvist.7)John Philliben.

8)Brian McClair,Lee McCulloch.9)Holm Kraska

10)Ayr United.11)Kai Nyyssonen12)FC Utrecht


How did you fare ?

12:Jan Michels9 - 11:Shaun Teale6 -8 :Michel Doesburg

2- 5 :Jered Stirling1:Mikko Kaven0:Holm Kraska



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