GLF 59: Ricky's Rant

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GLF 59: Some thought's from Ricky on the semi, the season and Hearts.


Ricky's Rant


Been a winter of some discontent I think, and one of great disappointment, but that's what comes with supporting our team. It's important though to bear in mind that in between the down times we are going to bounce back to have the good days – they're on their way back I'm sure.


The League Cup Semi was one of the biggest disappointments I've ever experienced in my days as a 'Well fan.In saying that, I've rarely been prouder of the performance we put in.Football is one of those things which bobs along lulling you into a false sense of security before kicking you in the wotsits.And that night at Hampden it did.We were tremendous, fantastic in every department and thoroughly deserving of a place in the Final.I sincerely hope that no one ever blames Kaiser for what happened, it was one of those things that you just wouldn't expect from the normally reliable Mr Consistency.I guarantee that no one hurt more than he did, and given that he's served us with the highest of distinction over many years the odd mistake is surely admissible.Despite a slow start to his Motherwell career, indeed there were many who were far from convinced when he signed, he's grown to be the best uncapped player in Scotland.That's no exaggeration, and I worry he might well end up the same way Joe Wark did.He's more than worthy of a Scotland cap, yet Auld Wattie and his predecessor (of which my goldfish had more tactical sense) cannot see the obvious.I sincerely hope the club gives him an offer he can't refuse to stay on, whilst some players get stale at a club over a period of years Kaiser has just got better and better. That one error should never make anyone's opinion of Martyn anything other than with the utmost respect. Battling back from serious injury he's done brilliantly to be back where he was prior to it occurring.Off the park a complete gent, Kaiser, please sign that contract and stay on longer at the Citadel of Good Football that is Fir Park.


As for the Semi, we once again out-sang and out-supported a vastly superior (in numbers only) following from the opposition.We were all there early, sang from start to finish and applauded our lads off the park after they gave their all.Only some quality goalkeeping and bad luck denied us our place in the Final and, given Dunfermline's recent form, the trophy itself surely.For only around 10-15 minutes maximum we were second best in terms of possession, we harried them, we harassed them, and we outplayed the team which were put together at a sum far in excess of our own lads.There were no failures on the night, and when Richie nodded us ahead early on it felt like the dream was going to come true.We didn't deserve to lose that way, and despite what Celtic fans might say it wasn't as much of an impact as chucking away the title on the last day of the season (fnarr, fnarr). As soon as Buzz caught the ball I turned away and sat facing up the stand, just knew it was going in, one of those moments.However, had that happened in our favour, do you think the Celtic fans would have stayed on in their numbers and cheered their team off the park?Soon as the ball hit the net it would have been like they'd received a visit from the local DSS snooper squad.We should be proud of ourselves, and also immensely proud of our team.There will be other days, other Cup ties, and ones we will win.Might have lost the game, but we certainly came out with all the credit that was going on the night.


It has been a season of some disappointment I'd have to agree, but at the same time when you take stock of everything and sit back to consider things, we are just about doing what we'd be expected to actually achieve.For a club our size, with our support and income, we are probably where on paper we should be.We are a better side than the results seem to suggest, and it'll come good.This season we've experienced an injury run the likes of which we've not really seen since the days of the soon-to-be departed manager of a certain Glasgow club.Then we seem to have been the subject of some bizarre refereeing decisions, the bars and posts of goals up-and-down the country have been constantly getting in the road of our shots and headers, Old Lady Luck ain't been seen too often in our camp.Yes, there have also been times when we've shot ourselves in the foot as well, but over the piece; it's been a story of nae luck.Referees ain't been our pal at all, take Saturday there in Edinburgh.For our second successive trip to the Capital we had to endure the most incompetent referee in the game up here.In the first half, Richie is the subject of a clear elbow from Cesnauskis.Richmond decides it's a mere yellow.Then their players dive about like they are playing football on a skating rink.Indeed, Aguiar takes a clear dive near the box and, indicating as much, Richmond waves play on!!!!In his last performance he booked more than half our lads when in that game against Hibs there wasn't a single bad tackle throughout the game.When on Earth are these idiots going to be taken to task?They must be made accountable; after all, their decisions could be the difference between a title and relegation for some folk, or Motherwell getting justice in a match now and again.It gets to the stage you simply dread reading of the next refereeing appointments for our matches.The most commonly used term when they are announced is FFS! I think he's the worst, though Chumpy Thomson ain't so far behind either.You can only imagine what the players and management think about it, they cannot say what they feel in public but I'd be sure they would wholeheartedly agree with us.It's almost as if they are beyond criticism.To say they are biased is perhaps too far, though sometimes you wonder about that.They are incompetent bunglers of the highest order, and need to be taken to task for their idiocy.


As much as I dislike Hearts, and that's an understatement, I feel they have to be applauded for their admission prices this season when we've gone there.£10 to get in is a much more realistic figure and prices like that would definitely encourage more to return to watch the game. Bit daft to charge £15 for the upper tier and £10 for the lower right enough, still don't understand that one. I know that their Chairman/Team Selector/Tea Man/Jack of All is pumping cash from his “sources” and this has an effect, but to try this elsewhere would surely have a positive effect on the attendances which have been spiralling downwards for a number of years.
You can't keep putting up gate prices, there will come a point where no matter what you earn you won't pay it. Football must make itself accessible to all; it's not been doing a great job of that for some time.

The next half-dozen games will decide if it's top or bottom six. Keep believing we can do it, no reason why we can't. Even if we don't, back the lads.Some comments this season suggested players aren't giving 100%. That's rubbish, of course they have, and they will continue to do so.


Believe – It's the ONLY way

Awra best, Ricky

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