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GLF73: GB is not impressed with the habits at Parkhead.



Well another Remembrance Day show of respect comes along and Celtic want to hijack it with a minute's applause rather than a minutes silence as this is the "Celtic Way".

I remember last year we had to endure this when we visited Celtic Park and a few of the home fans walked out or wouldn't enter the stadium until the mark of respect was over!

Since when did it become acceptable for a minute's applause for this type of occasion.As far as I can remember a minute's applause kicked in a few years ago and mainly because so many people couldn't respect a minute's silence-this seems more like the Celtic Way.

Why can't they have a silence like everyone else?Is it because the Irish contingent can't remember the sacrifice of the British troops in some misguided kind of way?

Thankfully Falkirk stood up to them and made sure it was a minutes silence and not a round of applause.

This takes me to wider context of what the "Celtic Way" is.It seems to be that they support everything that has a hint of Irishness about it, flags, songs, celebrations etc.

I have said this before, I would love to see them move into the 21st Century and realise their connection with Ireland is about two or three generations old, and this makes them much more Scots that Irish.

Having recently done some work on our Family tree I am only three generations away from English ancestry BUT I do not feel any need to celebrate this.

Hopefully one day they will finally become a Scottish Club playing in Scotland and put all this notion of the romance of Ireland behind them!

PS - One last notion of the Celtic Way is the way they twist their attendance figures, when we played them at Celtic Park recently no official figure was given out. Then later in the media it was reported as 58,000, those who were at the game will know this can't be true given the number of empty seats in the Stadium.

I spoke to someone on the Security Staff at Fir Park who told me the Police had told them there were 39000 in the ground.

Who are they fooling? It would appear they have "only" 40,000 season ticket holders these days, no waiting list and advertising tickets for sale on the day of the game!

Is this a return to the days pre-Fergus McCann when less than 20,000 was the norm at Celtic Park, what will happen then will the "Rebels" rise again and oust this board.

Graham Barnstaple


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