GLF73: The Lanarkshire Derby

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GLF73:Graham has noted that Hamilton are back in the big time.


The Lanarkshire Derby

In Edinburgh they joke about Hibs being the "Wee Team" and I love using this expression when talking with the few Accies fans I know while rubbing in we are the one and only true Pride of Lanarkshire. Oh how it really gets under their skin, particularly when you list our "achievments" in the last 25 years.

These include: continuous run in top flight football, Scottish Cup win, five seasons in Europe, League Runners Up, League Cup runners up….they really have a long way to go!

It was therefore extremely funny to sit in the Press Box in the Main Stand in the recent game at New Douglas Park and see how big a game it is for them when they take us on!They were almost foaming at the mouth at the refereeing decisions (which in large part were correct) and then on cloud nine when they were 2-1 up.We thought they were about to order an open top bus for a parade on the Sunday.

They just don't get it when we tell them the rivalry in Lanarkshire is with Airdrie, who at one time were a bigger club than the Accies (that get's them going as well).

It also upsets them that Douglas Park was always a retirement home for Motherwell players when they were no longer required at Fir Park, Simon Mensing anyone!!

It is also hilarious when going to games at NDP (as they call it) to hear them still chanting about hating Motherwell when, again, we couldn't care less about them!!

Ah well, they can dream about being the Big Team in Lanarkshire!!

When I was typing this it also brought back a story I tell often about an Airdrie supporter who used to work for me back when there was talk of Lanarkshire United.

I suggested to him we play in their white shorts, our Claret and Amber tops. Keep the FC from their name and the Motherwell from ours. Play at Fir Park (it is bigger than Shyberry) and things would be fine!

It took him a few minutes before he realised what this meant if you put all of it together……


Graham Barnstaple


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