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U-Turn Pa n' Archie - So the OAP's decided to follow the path of Magoo up to the Granite City to take charge of The Dandies.  Gud Luck, thanks for your stint at Fir Park, hope it doesn't end in tears like Magoo's term did.


Rearrange The Deckchairs - The ten & ten proposals for reconstruction of Scottish divisions.


Stitch-Up - So World Cup destinations for 2018 & 2022 were fixed.  I was in Australia just prior to the announcements and the media there had a fair idea that results wer going to be nothing to do with who delivered the best presentation or bid, simply who offered deals & largest bung would win out - they were pretty on the button..


No Contract - Wot exactly was Mr Boyle's gripe when Pa & Archie shipped up narf to Granite City??  Jim Gannon got his P45 with one reason for dismissal stated as him not having signed his contract, so wot's the difference John Boy??


Guidedogs - They're a neccessary evil, but why do the current officials seem  more inefficient than the previous JP Gordon's/Rowbottom's/Willie Young's etc???  I thought it would be hard to be worse than them but messrs O'Reilly, Brines & Co manage it by a distance.


Health & Safety Police - Why the disparity between Britain & Germany - recently games went ahead abroad despite 10/12 cm snow lying.  In one instance I visitedOberhausen who have an open terrace yet games went ahead - no chance of same happening in Nanny State UK.


Buttons - As usual, after the first offer or two from the Sheffield Owls hey presto, Reynolds is out the door.  How come we accept coppers or loose change for our players??  Yes, I know we're a selling club like everyone else but we always seem to accept paltry transfer fees.


Exodus - So joining Reynolds throu the exit door are Gow and Blackman, no doubt to return & score at Fir Park, something he failed to do except v Perf mob in his time with us.  Bar that, he never looked likely to score at home yet on our travels he was prolific.  Fitzpatrick??  Surprised Dingwall took him, SFL 2 beckons for them methinks??


Now U See Him, Now U Don't - Farce regarding Grella loan attempt - can't we even sort out loanees?


Bare Bones - Good Luck Stuart McCall, you're going to need it!!  We're down to out first XI & U-19's on the bench - hard times ahead unless decent quality brought in.


Positive Out Of A Negative - So clean sheet is spun as a positive; no mention v ICT that their keeper scarcely had a shot to save - only goals scored count & win 3 points.  I've said before that we do not work opposition goalie's hard enough, our decent efforts at goal are minimal at best.


Thirty-Eighty Quid - Wot Bigots' Cup-Tie tickets cost despite it being live on TV.  I think twenty-eight quid for youngsters & OAP's - scandalous, yet muppets will all be there spouting forth usual sectarian nonsense.


Loanees's - Realise they are a financial necessity in the present SPL climate, but personally I would prefer to watch our own youths get a game than showcase another clubs surplus talent who rarely actually sign for the club they are loaned to.


Competitive Semi - Yet another glorious Hampden failure, this time probably deserving of extra-time at worst.


The Beach Returns - Bang on cue, our sandy pitch reappears at this time of year.  Perhaps with the paucity of our squad it may be a leveller this time around, we shall see!


Made For Each Other - Diouf & Ibrox - a perfect match!!


John Creighton

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