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GLF78 - Graham is not best pleased with Radio Scotland


                                           RADIO GA-GA


Radio Scotland Sport – While I thoroughly enjoy the matchday coverage of the National Broadcaster I sometimes do despair of their sports desks and Sportsound progammes when there are no games on.


They have a terrible habit of covering English football, using Five Live audio clips, when there have been games played, or about to be played in Scotland that same midweek.  I know there are many who are followers of the EPL here but there is plenty of coverage of their League on Five Live and Talksport.


On a non-football front they always feature the latest score from an England Cricket Test Match.  Again I know there are a lot of cricket followers in Scotland, but they even do this when the Saltires are playing and ignore them in favour of the Test Match.  Not exactly catering for the Nation their station carries.


In the week of the Second Round of the League Cup when there were European games on the Thursday night, they spent Tuesday and Wednesday previewing the Rangers and Celtic European ties for the first hour of the programme and ignoring the domestic football.


While they did have open all mics on the two nights in question I did think they could have devoted more time to featuring some of the teams looking to provide a shock in the League Cup (which we did see from Ayr and East Fife, and to a lesser exent at Airdrie.)


Not good enough as far as I am concerned!


Phone-Ins – on a similar subject, we have three phone ins on Scottish football, and how they have gone backwards!  Real Radio is really now a shadow of it’s former self.  It has been reduced to an hour of slapstick between Rough and Johnstone, hosted by someone really anonymous.  Bring back the irritating Ewan Cameron, his departure did show things could get worse.


Over on Clyde, they only want to talk about Rangers and Celtic for the few minutes I have been able to listen to pundits they have on.  A no-go area for me.


I always used to enjoy Jim Traynor on a Saturday, but the addition of another serious journalist like Tom English has sucked the life out of this and made this avoidable.


Let’s hope the punditry on MFC TV will be of a much higher standard ;-)


                                                Graham Barnstaple

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