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GLF78 - Christopher has his say


Heading in the right direction??

So far so good for season 2011/2012 then eh!!!  Riding high at the top of the league, home draw in the next round of the cup, playing some nice stuff, not losing any of our players during the transfer window and on the eve of an exciting new dawn as regards fans involvement in the ownership of Motherwell Football Club!!!!!!  So where do we think things might progress to both on and off the pitch this season??  


 Small But Perfectly Formed


As mentioned above, pretty much everything on the playing side seems to be rosy at present.  Our two new signings are both proving their worth, Jamie is still with us and bar the unfortunate Stevie Saunders we have a small but select squad of fit, hungry and capable players doing us proud so far this season.  The manager is rightly getting plenty of plaudits and the fans have been largely positive so far too (especially in generating great atmospheres on our away SPL trips to date).


The points we've racked up so far already have us looking upwards instead of the direction some were predicting during a quiet summer period for us.  Although the only certainty is that a more challenging period will doubtless being lurking around the corner, we should continue to revel in the position we find ourselves at the moment and hopefully have at least the next four or five months to enjoy the talented and gelled first XI that are doing us proud as well as hopefully getting more of a glimpse of the potential that our next set of kids possess  - especially if our gaffer decides to start showboating and actually use some subs in future matches !?!?!?!


 Come The Revolution!!!


I'm writing this the day before the first Open Meeting as regards the launch of "The 'Well Society" and so in typical fanzine deadline stylee, you will doubtless no much more of the detail by the time you are perusing this.  This being the case, hopefully you will be able to answer some if not all of these questions;


The first in a number of meetings -     Just how many will it take exactly??

Ultimately wish to be owned by the Community - so how many years might it take to make this a reality??

We have been inspired by the European models we have seen during our Europa Cup trips - so why fall short of working immediately to this model?

Interesting times ahead off the park - here's trusting we don't go in the wrong direction with our beloved club......


Finally, as you will now know we have finally had to admit defeat in the current climate and increase our cover price for the first time since May 1996 !?!?!?  Hopefully you still find us value for money and our main mandate is thatwe will keep going as long as you want us to!!!!!!


Love 'n'stuff

                 Christopher Hutton

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