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GLF79 - Graham (Mottie is disguise?) plugs the 'Well TV station.



I know I have a minor vested interest in this new exercise from Motherwell FC given I am now the main commentator for the Matchday on-line commentary but I would like to give it a bit of a plug.

This was something I was keen to get underway when I was involved with the club’s website a few years ago, and thankfully Alan Burrows took it over with the same goal.  I don’t think Alan would mind if I said it took him a lot longer to get it off the ground than he initially hoped for, but it is here now.

I have enjoyed the video content as it gives another dimension to media coverage we, as a small club, don’t get anywhere else. There is the usual stuff you would expect to see; post and pre-match interviews and game/goal highlights.

This is not only for the first team but also for the bounce games played, which are effectively reserve games in this day and age and also the Under 19's.

We have also been treated to a number of 'Ask A Player' features based around questions sent in by fans on Twitter and this has led to some interesting answers, the highlight being Steven Jennings opinions and thoughts on Cougars!

Then there is the ongoing 10 yard bucket challenge, based upon Soccer AM’s feature around chipping a golf ball into a bucket.  This is currently led by Tim Clancy ahead of Steven Hammell and Jamie Murphy. Clancy also managed to make sure the bad word bleeper was working!!

Then, of course, there is the on-line full match commentary of every first team game provided by myself and Kris Jack, two Motherwell fans wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

We make no bones about the fact our commentary if biased and geared towards Motherwell fans. This very often gives the other media people around us a bit of a laugh as they listen to us rant on about incidents in the game we have seen as controversial.

The feedback has generally been positive, as those who listen appreciate the Motherwell bias of the chat.  There is no doubt who has scored on our commentaries with most goals celebrated like the fans we are!

All of the content is available throughout the world, not just the UK like the BBC, therefore the exiles can keep in touch much more easily than they could in the past.

Again, I am sure Alan Burrows wouldn’t mind if I said the service is in its infancy and still have more development to undertake. That will be made easier if there are more people prepared to take up the service.

I know not everyone can afford £4.49 per month, but if you can then I don’t think you will be disappointed.  It is also worth remembering if you take out a membership to the Well Society you get the subscription for free.

Graham Barnstaple

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