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GLF79 - John's noticed a few things lately!



Friday Nite Games - Personally I'm ambivalent as I can get along, and I went to Maryhill for SFL fixture but I suspect Pars fans won't be so keen if Buddies clash is next Friday nighter as mooted.  Again I notice the Bigot duo are excluded from this experiment due to problematic fans, similar to them opting out of opening day fixtures to play lucrative friendlies at start  season - two-tier system in the SPL??

TV KO Times - Farce; attended Sunday midday KO at Perth -  Hearts only took 450+ and overall only 2,000+ bothered despite Saints having just thumped us 3-0 the week previous.  It's hard to get to Perth on a Sunday by public transport never mind a noon start.  Another case of TV saying jump and clubs ask how high!

Jenno - Sponsored by Betfred - Guilty until proven innocent by our media hacks.

Game Changers - Unfortunately when we lost to Septic in November it was due to McCourt coming on late.  We had looked comfortable & set fair to take a point, but with his introduction we failed to deal with his close ball control skills.  It's something Motherwell don't really have in abundance - if you look at the bench (Arfur Daley apart) who's going to change a game?  Forbes, McHugh (when fit?!), Page or Carswell......

Not Good Enuff - So says Specky Scots Team Boss as regards Murph.  Too inconsisten?  More like he's lining up another Arab or Jambo if he can find any more Scots - Ian Black?!  Anyway, Gary Kenneth must be due another cap first.

Inclement Weather - Showing my age but I'm not keen on sitting or standing in a howling gale when the game is a farce.  Blow Football = Total lottery.  OK, we've got undersoil heating but being asked to sit in sub-zero temperatures is neither tempting or conducive to silky soccer.

Acceptable Chants? - So yet again SFA/SPL let Septic off after being reported for chants at their game, yet UEFA don't concur and they get a fine......

F.C.U.K UEFA - ...The response by Septic fans in Udinese - so now we know, so much for (sic) Best Fans in the Universe.

Bill The Blazer - Following Mr Dickie's passing I feel a fitting tribute would be to name the South Stand after him.   As he oversaw its construction, why not re-name it as a reminder of his legacy at the club.

Friday Nite Con - I've been to the 3 West of Scotland Friday experiments - Jags served Pie & Curry Nite, Motherwell reduced the admission prices & Accies handed out handfuls of free entry tickets.  No doubt they will  be hailed a successby Regan & the suits, but sadly the product is the same and if normal prices applied how many extra punters would show up???

New Board, Same Policy - Obviously same fiscal policy regarding selling of players for lowest offers - Murph for cut-price 250k until he refused to join Barry the Brat at the Seaside.  McCall opines after transfer falls thru that we may get more in the summer - why not ask for top dollar rather than first offer that's tabled.  And yes, I'm fully aware sales are required but not always to the lowest bidder.

Murph - If he plays well, Motherwell generally do also - so why is he played out on the wing where opposition can double up on him & isolate him rather than in the centre where he's much more effective.

Welcome To Real World - Govan mob go into Admin with team of journeymen.  Call me cynical but convenient timing as out of all Cups & unlikely at best to win league, so just slip into admin & avoid paying tax.

Conmen, Crooks & Charlatans - Not just those who caused Govan Mobs problems but also at Portsmouth - back in Admin & just above demotion spots in Championship due to ten point deduction.


Saleable Assets - As a selling club we have 3 possibly 4 if Law manages to achieve end results & doesn't keep disappearing in 2nd half of games. Goalie, Hutch & Murf - the Pyjama boy may well join this group. Most people seem to think Jenno likely to go in Summer.

John Creighton

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