GLF79 - Quiz: High scoring matches

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GLF79 - Test your knowledge


High Scoring Matches


Yes, 'Well fans, it's quiz time again.  All you need to do is answer the following simple questions.  And no cheating.  Our recent burst of goals has put the focus this time round on high scoring games. Where there are multiple answers you get one point for each.


1    Who were Motherwell’s scorers in the 6-6 Hibs game?


2    And who netted for Hibs in the same match?


3    Which two players got hat tricks in the 5-6 loss to Aberdeen?


4    We scored six in the league three times in 81/82, who was the only player to net in all three games?


5    Which team did we hit five goals against twice in 1996/97?


6    Who was in goal when we lost 8-0 at Aberdeen?


7    And who got a hat trick that night?


8    Name the on loan player who scored when we beat Hearts 6-1 at home in 2002/03?


9    From the same season, name the scorers when we beat Livingston 6-1?


10  We drew 3-3 twice in 09/10, against which teams?

Answers at the bottom of this page.

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