GLF 29: End of an Era

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End of an Era



As we head towards the summer and with stories circulating of up to 14 players out of contract, it’ll be interesting to see how many of the current staff are here to start season 1998/99. I have compiled a list of players that I think will not return next season, this is not meant as a dig at these players as some have served us well over the time they have been here.

Mickey Weir – bought by McLeish as a stop gap to keep us up last season – has done his job and will be released
John Hendry – unfortunately John has never lived up to the billing which accompanied his move from Spurs (what about those comparisons with Klinsmann). Has spent more time on the treatment table than on the pitch
Eddie May – another who has never provided us with the threat that was expected of him. Has now become even more anonymous since the arrival of Harri than he ever was on the park during Big Alex’s time
Willie Falconer – I think will choose to leave us rather than the other way about. Has spent most of this season looking as if he would rather be somewhere else!!
Dougie Arnott- Father time may well have caught up with the last of the 1991 survivors – he’ll be sorely missed but all good things must come to an end.
John Philliben – As per Dougie
Eric Garcin – Looks like a talented player, but seems a luxury for only 15 minutes every other game or so. Rumours abound that he is heading for the English Premiership.
Shaun McSkimming – never settled in the first eleven, and never accepted by the supporters (despite a number of important goals). He has disappeared this season after being injured.
Brian Martin – signed a 1 year contract with a proviso that he could leave at the end of the season. This may change now that McLeish has moved to Hibs, would be good to keep him to help Denham and Craigan along.
Billy Davies – has re-appeared in the first team since the arrival of Harri Kampmann, but father time has caught up with Billy as well as Dougie and Softie.

With many of these players likely to leave I believe it will see the end of the McLean era and also the end of the McLeish dynasty (or should that be die-nasty) and an influx of new talent to start the Kampmann era!

Graham Barnstaple

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