GLF 2: Editorial

Last updated : 02 August 2017 By GLF

Delighted editor gets to pen a second editorial!


Well, we've made it!! Issue 2 already. It only seems like two months since our debut at the Aberdeen game. Issue 1 sold out on the first day, so, as a result of the demand, and the response from 'Well fans, this issue has double the circulation, and is twice as large (pooh, er!). Thanks to all who wrote, and you may see your material printed here - it you don't see it, don't worry - it'll be in the next issue (or we haven't used it 'cos it's crap!) The format has changed slightly - 8 extra pages at no extra cost! Not bad.

The biggest response we had to our debut issue, was our article on sectarianism, it was good to see a 100% agreement with what we said. So, let's hope that's the last we hear at bigotry at Fir Park.

It was also good to see the appearance of a fully-fledged issue of 'Wherever You May Be' - It's good that the 'Well fans have yet another source of readable material.

Issue 3 will be a bumper festive edition (maybe with a free badge), so get writing your Xmas messages, and we'll print them.

On the park, our performances so far this season, have been excellent - a dream start! Well done to all concerned. At the time of writing, we're top of the league along with 2 other Pretenders to the throne.


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