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GLF 52: More from John


More Onlooker


- the latest "all that glitters" gold proposals for next  season - bully wee at tattie howkers, bairns on pars plastic and maroon morons on a rugby pitch.the last  one is probably the only ideal suggestion out of the three as murrayfield is more suited to their robust  style of play. isn't it funny how the bairns who whinged so much last year still ain't got a legoland of their  own in place to play at yet.




mair plastic - i note that uefa, who sanctioned these deathtrap pitches, are allowing any european opponents of the pars to decline to play on their plastic !

meanwhile, scots clubs in the spl could have had four trips next season had the bairns won their

league- crazy !!




coupon buster - so butcher's boys managed to grab a score  draw at beggardome against the supposedly invincible saint o'neill's charges.being away  at the time i only got ten seconds of del boy's

goal on the national news.i read snippets  how understrength beggars were for the  game, but you can only play who is put in  front of you in each game.




top / bottom six - the only difference in this artificial split is  cash -with motherwell's problems and the requirement of undersoil heating and

resurfacing of the fir park beach we can  use the extra revenue.however, the likely outcome will be that butcher will be  unlikely to be able to add to the 'after-eight thin squad which should be of concern  during the close season, providing motherwell manage to exit administration

successfully.the disciplinary record

seems to have been addressed and injuries  were minimal, however with " sicknote phil " back on board and already having been sidelined, let's hope we carry few long-term injuries next season.i read idiotic gold  suggesting teams in the split should start  their fixtures against the same clubs - perhaps a reason to end up in the bottom  six ?allied to points deduction if in  administration, it doesn't look too clever !




very acceptable - wot ever position butcher's side ends up in  this season, it has been very successful as  regards the fare and results being much  better than anticipated.despite the loss of two of the jewels in the crown, it has apparantly not played any detrimental part top the overall strategy which bears testimony to butcher's motivational skills, given the restrictions placed on the club  due to being in administration for such a long period.




fir park beach - the relaying and installation of undersoil heating i fear will not solve the problems  regarding the overhanging stands and the  lack of air and light onto the playing surface.

unfortunately a roll on and off one like the schalke pitch isn't an option either.  thankfully butcher has ruled out the plastic option - i notice blobby fae the leith graveyard had voiced concern over the pars abomination and serious injuries.only the bluster pars chairman seems ' over the moon' about plastic.




higns n' lows - the decent results when we try to play a  passing game could perhaps do with a couple  more attempts on goal at times.the downside  is the waste - of - time long ball game used at  times with small, nippy forwards punting long  balls - it is counterproductive and just gives  opponents the opportunity to have possession.  we look a decent side when we try to pass the  ball and probe teams so lets have more of the  same next season.



john creighton



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