GLF 52: Prediction Time

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GLF 52: Did you do any better?



At the start of the season Ball Boy Craig Scott and I predicted the League table and said we would review it at the end of the season.

Craig Scott( 11 )-What will happen ;

1 Rangers
2 Celtic
3 Hearts
4 Dundee Utd
5 Dunfermline
6 Dundee
7 Hibs
8 Kilmarnock
9 Aberdeen
10 Motherwell
11 Livingston
12 Partick Th

Graham Barnstaple( 44 )-What will happen ;

1 Celtic
2 Rangers
3 Hearts
4 Dundee
5 Dundee Utd
6 Dunfermline
7 Hibs
8 Aberdeen
9 Kilmarnock
10 Livingston
11 Motherwell
12 Partick Th

I think we both have done reasonably well,although I think I deserve a special mention for getting the title winners right, five of the top six correct and for knowing that Thistle would be relegated( I know Craig got the last two right but it's me that's writing and I'm blowing my own trumpet ! ).

The one thing we both got wrong was that we would struggle and just miss relegation! I'm delighted to say that this is one thing we are probably both pleased to get wrong.I remember that we were both worried that when we lost McFadden and Pearson that we would struggle but we also reckoned that Thistle would struggle after losing all their better players, including Craigan and Burns to us.We were no different from the media who predicted that we would be in a position of 10th to12th.

The other thing we both missed the idea that Dundee would go into free fall after going into administration but did anybody !


Graham Barnstaple

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