GLF 53: Ricky's Rant

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GLF 53: Ricky's thoughts on the start of the season.


Ricky’s Rant


BEEN a long summer as usual but here we are right into the season and things looking fine.Come on now, folks, we wouldn’t want our football any other way would we ?!?!




OVER the summer there’s been the usual wad of speculation with folk being mooted for departure and arrival.After the difficulties of the past couple of administration pre-seasons when Tel and the lads were severely restricted in what they could do, I think he’s had that wee bit more scope now and used it very well indeed.This summer has seen some very good players come in, unfortunately the most influential of those having suffered a severe injury and our best wishes go with Brian in his recovery.There have been no notable departures, the squad has not been depleted in any derogatory way, and I feel confident of the season ahead.




HAVING witnessed the opening of the season I think that we have more to look forward to.

Despite a virtually identical start, there were many, many more positives to take out of the two defeats at Legoland and at home, and this has borne fruit with the three successive victories since.Indeed, against Hearts we were by far the better team and could have won far more convincingly.Tel has worked wonders again, he’s got a team which few outside Fir Park seem to think can do the job producing superb performances.I’m not getting carried away, just observing that we have more to be pleased about than to fear.

The midfield was a bit of a worry but the signings made things look good.We carry a threat up front, Clarky is suffering a wee bit of a lack of confidence but he’ll get it back.Never afraid to express himself, once a goal or two goes in Clarky will be back to his best.Skippy defies the critics, a fantastic battler who is now a vital cog in our machine.I feel sorry for Toastie and wish him luck should he move, just hasn’t worked out on his return to Fir Park and to be honest a move would be better for all concerned.Nobody could seriously question his commitment; he just hasn’t fitted in to our side.Richie Foran has all the makings of being a cult hero; played way out of position against the Jumbos he did exceptionally well and appreciated the backing of the fans.




UNCLE Phil’s goal against them was brilliant, fantastic, and one of those roars at Fir Park you will never forget.Captain Leitch is perhaps having his best time in a Motherwell jersey; started the season after a full warm-up and much more like his old self.And at the back, a back four which looks settled and comfy with each other.Yes they’ve made errors, everybody does, but it’s how you react to those and eradicate them that matters.Back of the line Marsh is in great form too.Brilliant penalty save at Cappielow, hard to believe he’s turned the big 40 ( sorry Marsh ).Should be immensely proud of himself.Every one of the players so far has performed well, everyone deserves praise, and as long as the battling qualities are maintained we can look forward to the season with some anticipation.Of course the initial aim is to avoid the drop, but why not look a wee bit further.We can do it, just gotta believe in it.





TUNED into the “ replacement ” for Sportscene and had to stop myself wetting from laughter.It’s the most amateurish piece of television I’ve ever witnessed and don’t know how on Earth it’s managed to survive even three or four weeks unchanged.I missed the first show but followed the reviews on, and as it was so bad I just had to view it myself to believe it.And yes, it was worse than I thought.Blondie, seemingly paid so poorly she cannot afford a bra, talks in language all her very own.Even Jim Sillyhunt struggles to keep the whole thing together.

The format is poor, this “cage” idea or whatever it’s called is just rubbish.All they want is opinions on the Old Squirm.Motherwell fans there the first week were apparently asked to give their opinions on the Huns in Europe ( not that it’d last that long anyway ).Good on the guys who refused to comment.If you are a Motherwell fan surely it’s a Fir park opinion which should be sought.




THEIR obsession for the Alien is nauseating.He’s ruddy well GONE!Cannot for the life of me understand this crap, let it bloody go folks, he plays in another country.Still, they don’t have a monopoly on poor footie programmes.Last night I watched the Channel Five coverage of Spain v Scotland.Mogadon Barnes was the Programme anchor, he presents like having just been brought up from 20,000 feet down.Then we had the “lively” combination of Nevin and Dalglish, with the hilarious moment when Nevin’s phone went off whilst Barnes was talking away.Nevin, live on TV, looks down to check his phone.Pathetic, absolute crap.They will never match up to what Sky or even the BBC down South produce unless they get rid of these eejits and get some real talent in.It doesn’t take much, bit of thought instead of letting some “ luvvy ” who hasn’t a clue about football write the script.




TALKING about Amateurish, the good old SPL amaze us even more with some barmy decisions.Another nervy summer, though this time for someone else, saw the Relegation/Promotion issue again go to Hampden Park and another late - night meeting.Even at that, Inverness having to play a minimum of 100+ miles away every week is farcical.Yes, they didn’t meet the stadium criteria but this should never have been an issue and should have been sorted the year before.The League Cup continues the farce, Inverness being allowed to play at home but only using the stand meaning a limit of 2200.We have to go to Sheepyland FOUR times this season, and if we got the Highlanders in the Scottish that’d be a half-dozen long hauls !All could have been avoided in June 2003, and back then when Yir and I stood outside Hampden despite our delight at staying up we said this would surface again a year later, and sure enough it did.The calls for a united footballing authority in this country is so loud it’s deafening, only those who can make the change have this deafness of self - protection.One footballing body makes sense, guess that’s why it just will never happen.




AND of course, this wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Referees.I’m sure those who were at Cappielow would agree that Willie Young’s performance that night was almost up there with Fyfe against Plastic a couple of years back.All good old Willie did the entire match was plod around the centre of the park making decisions from 40 yards away, and to top it all off he gave the softest, weakest penalty award you will ever witness.Even the Morton players were embarrassed by it, and though Marsh made a fantastic save, it should never have happened.Please hang up your boots NOW Willie, before someone does it for you.




SO, been a good start all things considered.A wee mention for the Boo Boys before I go.Stay quiet and watch how positive backing produces results, then try backing the team and see what happens.Incredible, eh ?



Forever ‘Well,



Ricky Mullen

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