GLF 57: Top Ten Right Backs

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GLF 57:Nostalga from Top Ten Ted


Top Ten Ted Presents………. Great Right Backs Of My Time


10. Ian Kennedy, 58(24) Apps. 5 Goals.

Ian looked nothing like a footballer should.Scarily skinny,and not the brawest looking around, but, 100% every time in Claret and Amber made him a fans fave.A victim,slightly,of being very versatile which restricted his appearances.Best remembered for scoring the first in a 3-0 scudding of the great unwashed,when they came to Fir Park needing a win to claim the title.



9. Michael Doesburg, 56(3) Apps. 0 Goals.

One of Harry Kampmans signings.In fact,probably the only one who made any kind of impact.A decent defender,good use of the ball and a great desire to play the game.Endeared the Fir Park faithful with his insistence of applauding them wherever we played or whatever the result.So much so that he wasn’t abused by the East Stand on his return to Fir Park in a Pars strip.



8. Fraser Wishart, 190 (6) Apps. 6 Goals.

A quality youngster at Fir Park,as arguably,Motherwell got the best years of Fraser’s career.My best memory of him was putting a dream of a cross onto Dickie Goughs head,who bulleted the ball into the Cooper Stand net,past his own ‘keeper in a 2-1 win over the forces of darkness. Famously left Fir Park to “ better himself ” at ……………. Love Street.Not the brightest.



7. Jim Griffin, 88 (12) Apps. 6 Goals.

Jim is quite simply a Motherwell legend.Very similar in style to the famous Joe Wark,but with a Scottish Cup winning medal in the display cabinet.Injury sadly prevented a lengthy career,but his testimonial game provided Fir Park with a classic memory.Roy Essandoh waltzed passed half the opponents,expertly rounded the ‘keeper,only to take a fresh air swipe at the ball with an open goal beckoning,and falling on his arse.Much,much hilarity around the stadium.



6. Andy Dornan, 106 (6) Apps. 6 Goals.

Andy arrived with Andy Harrow from Aberdeen,and immediately became a Fir Park fave.Not the fastest,but his distribution and football brain ( from memory ) was top notch.The Motherwell team of his era were always struggling,and it was no surprise that he left with Graeme Forbes for the bright lights of ………Walsall .




5. George Burley, 62 (2) Apps. 3 Goals.

When George arrived at Fir Park he’d done it all.An FA and UEFA Cup winner, with a host of Scottish Caps.Many thought he was here to run down the clock on his career.How wrong.He brought culture,quality,professionalism and an incredible extra time winning goal against Morton in the League Cup.Loved Motherwell so much he came back for a brief 2nd spell.Pity he’s ended up at Tynie.



4. Rab Shannon, 74 (4) Apps. 4 Goals.

As a youngster at Dundee,Rab won a host of Under-21 caps and was heading for the top.After he lost his way a little,Tommy McLean snapped him up to star in the finest Motherwell team in a generation.One which finished 3rd and 2nd in consecutive seasons.A real unsung hero.



3. Davie Whiteford, 245 (0) Apps. 14 Goals.

My memories of Davie are almost exclusively of his rocket shot. A shot that made Softy’s look like a Willie Kinniburgh pass back !My early days at Fir Park always seemed to involve the full back pairing of Whiteford and Wark,maybe that’s why I hold Davie in such high regard.Davie now is an active member of the Former Players Club at Fir Park and can often be seen on match days.



2. Willie Watson, 155 (3) Apps. 3 Goals.

For years Willie was nothing less than an idol to me.Built like the proverbial tank, and a tackle that was fearsome to all opponents.His thighs seemed to be thicker than anyone elses two put together,but boy were they effective.We snapped him up from Manchester United,yeah,Man U.He had a few games in the first team but became homesick for the Steel County.Best memory has got to be his late screamer in a 3rd Scottish Cup replay against the Harry Rags at Firhill,which won the tie 1-0.



1. Martyn Corrigan, 157 (9) Apps. 1 Goal (and counting !!)

His nickname,“ The Kaiser” says it all.Martyn is so laid back he’s horizontal. Cool,calm, skilful.Good on the ball,quality crosser,can tackle and,for his height,excellent in the air.No wonder we ‘Well fans used to hold our heads in despair everytime Herr Berti announced yet another Scotland squad with Stockdale, Alexander,Ross and Bob Malcolm included for crissake.



The flip side of the Top Ten of anything is the dross at the bottom of the pile.Alex Forsyth,despite his pedigree,was gash.Mark Shanks,Alan Sneddon and Hollywood film star Eddie May were nightmares at Right Back.

But step forward,

Peter Carr,7 ( 1)Apps . 0 Goals.



Scream Team so far;
1. Stevie Woods
2. Peter Carr

Dream Team so far,
1. Keith McRae

2. Martyn Corrigan



Eddie Ferguson

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