GLF 58: Blackpool Rock

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GLF 58: Geoff Baby has some thoughts from the seaside.


Blackpool Rock



MOTHERWELLPrinting deadlines mean that our CIS semi opponents are unknown as I write this.So be it as, on our day, we are capable of beating any of the three other teams. Unfortunately we are also capable of losing to all three.We have to hope that it’s a focused Motherwell that turn out in the semi and just maybe we’ll all have the chance to enjoy a Final in two successive seasons.If we perform as a team, like we did against Aberdeen then anything is possible.


On the league front we are still struggling to achieve some measure of consistency but we are slowly getting there as injured players return.And who would have thought that Martyn Corrigan would fail to make the starting line-up for the Cup game?That’s what I call competition.


We also await the departure of Alex McLeish from Rangers with our own Terry hotly tipped to step in by many.Not by me though,and I hope I am correct.A foolish Rangers fan even phoned the Rancid hotline to say he didn’t rate Terry as he hadn’t won anything as a manager while McLeish has won seven trophies.You couldn’t make it up.



In typical Blackpool fashion they can’t even sack a manager properly.Reputed to have been asked to resign about a fortnight earlier Colin Hendry refused to budge.Then came allegations that the team's build up to the Cup game at Doncaster was disrupted when the chairman refused to let the team have a meal in a hotel prior to the game,Hendry allegedly paying for one out of his own pocket.With rumours of a fan protest at the ( live on Sky ) game against Scunthorpe,Hendry was called to a meeting from which the club issued the following statement.


“ Following further discussions with Colin Hendry on Thursday, Simon Grayson has taken temporary charge of first team matters. Messers Hendry and ( assistant ) Miller,in line with their request, are scheduled to attend a further meeting at the end of next week to discuss the clubs position”.


It looks like,yet again,this has become an issue of finances.While Hendry was never a great manager,rumours persist that he was never given financial backing and some suggest that he even paid for club captain Peter Clarke out of his own pocket.Previous boss Steve McMahon supposedly paid for a washing machine for the training ground when the club wouldn’t buy one so nothing would surprise me.Methinks more protests are due against the chairman, someone has already hired a plane this season to ‘ buzz ’ the ground during a game trailing a plea to the Oystons to invest cash. Watch this space.



GORDON MARSHALLAnd so we say farewell to Gordon Marshall, newly appointed as goalkeeping coach at Hibs.Gordon has been a great servant to Motherwell,despite what some of the boo-boys may have thought.He’s made mistakes,what goalkeeper hasn’t, but in general has proved to be a more than able keeper.Time was his enemy and the emergence of Graeme Smith has sent him on to pastures new,hopefully with our best wishes.We never got a chance to say goodbye on the field and most people’s last memories of him will be from the BBC’s pictures of the CIS Cup game going round the dressing room congratulating the players.



INTERNATIONALSSo Scotland get a draw with the Good ‘Ol USA.My lack of interest was immense.I just cannot get excited about my country’s team.Our game has gone downhill rapidly and it may take years to get the interest back that the national team used to hold.In fact,I’d go as far as to say it doesn’t really bother me what results Scotland gets.In the old days I’d have sat glued to the box but today I’ve had the game on and drifted in and out and even flicked over to the other game.Talking of which......


“ We’ve done it ”“ Now we can look forward to the World Cup ” (the score 2-2 at the time)“ We’ll be looking to hang out our flags again ”.Typical objective commentary from the BBC’s team, and that’s only what I could make out as the voice got more hoarse as the game progressed.Jingoism is still alive and well.Let them have their little dream but it’s going to be a long long summer. What pains me is that Engurland are capable of winning the thing,I hope and pray that they don’t or life won’t be worth living.




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