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GLF 58: Kris finds some interesting lyrics..



Who says that the Mighty 'Well are just a small Scottish team? As die hard supporters, we know this not to be true, but over the last few months, the British music scene has also taken note. Quite possibly the biggest band in Britain at the moment have named themselves after fan's favourite, Martyn Corrigan .

I have it on good authority that even though the 5 piece of Ricky, Nick, Peanut, Whitey and the other one hail from t'Yorkshire village of Leeds, they can't get enough of their beloved Steelmen. Recently, while playing Glasgow's Carling Academy, I spoke to them about MFC and how Corrigan's consistency and run in the team without missing a game have inspired them to keep on plugging away with the music and the touring. "Aye, 'tis reet good t'be associated with t'team an' t'Corrigan lad,he aint 'alf bad either" claimed Ricky.Below are the original lyrics to their hit "I Predict A Riot" and theideas behind a few of their other smash hits;

"Well Fans Gonna Riot" by t'Kaiser Chiefs (honest)

Aaaaah, all the away fans are smelly,Not very pretty, I tell thee
Walking through 'Well on a Match Day,The sight is incredible!!

Terry Butcher's Motherwell Army,Are already out training hard, yeah
Claret and Amber are barmy,And not very sensible!!

Aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa nanananana naaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa aaaaa nanananana naaaaaaaaaaaaa

'Well Fans Gonna Riot! 'Well Fans Gonna Riot!!
'Well Fans Gonna Riot! 'Well Fans Gonna Riot!!

And if anybody in the East Stand, won't admit that they're a 'Well

Waiting around until kick off,You borrow a pound for a hotdog.
Everyone's got their 'Well scarves on,Hoping for a victory!

Today, Corrigan opens the scoring,20 to 1, are you joking?
Here at Fir Park, it's never boring,We're scoring for fun these days!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa aaaaaa nananana naaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa aaaaaa nananana naaaaaaaaaaaaaa

'Well Fans Gonna Riot! 'Well Fans Gonna Riot!!
'Well Fans Gonna Riot! 'Wel Fans Gonna Riot!!

And if anyone asks who you are, just tell them that you're a Motherwell

I kid you not, the exact original transcript. Other MFC songs of theirs were "Oh My God, I can't believe it, we never win 3-0 away from home" and "Every week we're winning less and less".

Another wee thing I want to add, maybe a bit trivial but I just moved into a new flat in Glasgow. Nothing fantastic I hear you say, but when I found out it was FIR PARK TERRACE, I was overjoyed.Until next time folks,

Kris Jack (blood type, 'Well positive +)


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