GLF 71: Doublespeak

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GLF 71: Andy P reckons there was was more than one meaning to Beckham's comments on his recent visit.



Beckham discovers Glasgow Airport is indeed just 5 minutes down the road from Ibrox


Rangers' proposed glamour friendly reminds us of several things.Firstly that the Ibrox club bombed out of Europe early doors - insert your favourite Nelson Muntz punchline here.Secondly that they are skint and the prospect of a visit from Milan will obviously fill the coffers.Thirdly that it's interesting how you can change your tune about playing too many games whenever it suits you. And lastly that footballers talk some amount of pish.

Consider the ever polite and affable David Beckham, hauled out in front of the cameras to plug the said friendly. Do we really believe he meant some of the stuff he came away with........


"It's great for me personally going back to Scotland," - A trip to the frozen wastelands of Jockoland in the middle of winter? He most likely thought to himself"Magic.I left LA for this?"

"I haven't been there since England beat them 2-0" - No danger I'm going back there unless I'm forced to.

"I know how passionate Scottish people are about football and about their team so I know it's going to be a great atmosphere."- Me, an Englishman and the most famous footballer in the world, I wonder who they are going to abuse that night.

"Rangers have got amazing fans, so it's going to be exciting." - Please don't kick my head in.


by Andy Paterson

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