GLF 74: Happiness is...

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GLF 74: Christopher has a quick look back before welcoming the future.


Happiness is ...... a winning formula at Motherwell F.C.


How happy are YOU at your work??   I dare say that, like me, a lot of people reading this follow MFC in part as a relaxation from their 9 to 5 existence during the week. But how do you deal with a manager/supervisor/team leader who rules with an iron fist?  Do you take it on the chin as "they're the boss", enjoy the regimented approach they bring, or do you put in less than 100 per cent?


Man (Mis)Management


Doubtless we'll never know just how Jim Gannon ran the good ship Motherwell during his short stint at the helm of Lanarkshire's best, but if even half of the stories are true then it's not hard to see why so many on the Fir Park payroll have little in the way of good words for him.  Don't get me wrong, looking back at the good days (and looking back now, it was only days) of Gannon's reign not many of us we shouting from the rooftops that messrs Craigan and Lasley, in particular, and the likes of Hammell, Reynolds, Sutton and O'Brien at times simply had to be reinstated to their 'rightful' positions in the starting XI, but the longer the rumblings from under the surface continued to grow, the more it felt only a matter of time before the ship sprung one almighty leak.  The days where a dictatorship was a successful blueprint are thankfully long gone  Sadly therefore, Jim Gannon's exciting philosophies of how he wanted to revolutionise the future of the mighty 'Well never stood a chance of being realised and the only thing left to do was to walk the plank ......


Your Elders Respect You


And so from Gannon's Ying we come to Brown's Yang, as Craig and Archie have rapidly brought the Well back to Motherwell.  No matter how long they may have been out of the game, simple things such as treating everyone as they deserve to be and doing the basics right have seen us rediscover our mojo in a season that was rapidly hitting the skids.  I think that, especially in a provincial, community club such as ours, unless everyone in the team both on and off the park is pulling in the same direction then any kind of tangible success is impossible.  Thankfully the bad feeling and in-fighting has been dispelled and we can get back to what we do best - enjoying the rollercoaster that is our Motherwell Football Club!!!!!!


Hope you enjoy issue 74, and fixtures permitting we'll be out again before May!


Love 'n' stuff

                 Christopher Hutton

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