GLF 74: 'Who am I' quiz

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GLF 74: How many do you know?


Who Am I Quiz

Yes, ‘Well fans, it’s quiz time again!   All you need to do is answer the following simple questions.  And no cheating.  Let’s go for a simple ‘who am I’ this time round;

1. I won a League winners medal with Dundee

2. I partnered Andy Gray for Scotland’s Under-23’s against Leeds United when they warmed up for a European Cup final.

3. After going into administration I was the first player to sign for Motherwell

4. After going into administration I was the first player to be sold by Motherwell

5. I scored five goals on my Motherwell debut

6. I was born in Monte Carlo

7. Before I was 21 I had played for eight different clubs

8. I scored our first league goal last season

9. While I scored the final league goal last season

10. I was sent off 15 minutes into my debut and made only a 2 minute appearance in my only other game (a cup semi final).

11. My last game of 2003/04 was an international against Trinidad.  Then I joined Motherwell.




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Who Am I Quiz Answers;


  1. Craig Brown                  2.  Willie Pettigrew                3.  Darren Jack
  2. Stuart Elliott                  5.  Bobby Russell (not that one, the FIRST one)
  3. Tom Hateley                 7.  John Ruddy                      8.  David Clarkson
  4. Brian McLean                10.   Abel Thermeus             11.   Brian Kerr


How did you fare?


11 You are the man           8-10 You are a man           4-7 You are a person

1-3 You are at the wrong ground                 0 Who are you?

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