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GLF 79 - Christopher's editorial reflects happy times at Fir Park.


The Big Society

It certainly is happy days for all of us of a Claret & Amber persuasion as I write.  Depending on which way you strain your neck we are eleven clear of our Europa/Champions League challengers and/or just three adrift of an automatic Big Cup qualifying finish.  We are basking in the joy of a sensational new signing, are potentially days away from a major step towards a community owned club (and hopefully looking forward to a return to Hampden for another semi-Final).


 You Pays Your Money...


In  many a previous campaign, the winner-elect of our Player Of The Season has been rather a landslide walkover by this time of year.  Not so this season;

Darren Randolph - exceptionally consistent to the point of being an unsung hero.  It's hard not to think of a match were a vital save has given us the springboard to another victory (Griffiths v Hibs and Hardie at Dunfermline are two recent stops that spring to mind).

Stevie Hammell - broken landmark appearance targets, captained the side, even scored a goal!!!

Shaun Hutchison - Colossus for us whether he's been partnering Crags or Tim Clancy, the lad that puts the defend into our defending!

Keith Lasley - Last year's winner and has combined captaincy, all-action midfield play and a clutch of important goals to our game.

Steve Jennings - Recovered from a slow start to be the mainstay of our operation.  Ongoing allegations have made his consistency all the more stunning and we don't half miss him when he ain't there as our coinciding mid-season wobble proved perfectly.

Nicky Law - breath of fresh air to our midfield, bringing creativity, positivity and goals to our engine room.

...........I'll finish by leaving the merits of transfer window sensation and top goalscorer for your post-match pub arguments!


Carpe Diem 'n a' that...

If you have the means to get involved (and please enquire about the different instalment methods available) please become a member of The Well Society.  As enjoyable as many are finding the thrills and spills emanating from Govan this weather, the stark reality of their situation coupled by the horrible memories of our own administration travails should be a major spur to grasp something different and permanent for our club.


Lastly a couple of apologies.  With our intended scheduled game v Hibs moved for that unforgettable Friday Night project it's been a long time since September for us to get an issue to you.  Fixture changes look like a problem that's here to stay but we'll continue to strive to get to you for as long as you want us.  Lastly, this issue is a little lighter than we like, but sadly my Dad passed away just before it was due to be wrapped - hopefully you still agree it's value for money.

RIP - I'm glad we got to share & enjoy the rise and rise of Faddy in the East Stand.

Love 'n'stuff

                 Christopher Hutton

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