A plan for returning fans

Last updated : 05 August 2020 By John Wilson

German clubs met on Tuesday to discuss plans for the eventual return of fans to stadiums.  Can the SPFL learn from the DFL?

If a return of fans to Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 matches is feasible given the progression of the pandemic the plans will ensure the highest level of protection against infection and they will have to be approved by local health authorities.


They agreed that fans travelling to away games represent “an integral part of German football culture” but that no tickets would be made available until the end of the year.  The reduction in travelling across Germany, especially by public transport, would reduce the risk of infection.

If spectators are allowed back into grounds the standing areas will remain empty until 31 October.  This will allow a gradual build up of the new requirements for social distancing and the enhanced hygiene standards for each stadium.  The clubs state that, “resolutions will have no effect whatsoever on the fundamental commitment of the DFL and its clubs to maintain standing areas as part of Germany’s football and fan culture.”

They agreed that no alcohol will be sold in the stadiums – at least until 31 October.  That will not be an issue in Scotland!

Clubs agreed that they would collect data to enable tracking and tracing of any visitor.  Identities and contact details will be used if any infections occur at matches and those actually and potentially affected would be contacted by health authorities to break chains of infection.

Individual clubs will tailor these decisions as appropriate.

More detail on the Bundesliga website.