A question of perception

Last updated : 24 June 2012 By Firparkcorner

Funny how no articles like this appeared...


TERRIFIED Motherwell directors spelled out to their fans that voting to include Rangers in the SPL next season could lead to an insolvency event at Fir Park.

Motherwell plunged into administration once before in 2002 but the threat of Rangers returning almost unpunished to the SPL has brought dark financial clouds to the club once more.

The board admitted that it hadn't a clue just how much money would be lost should Rangers return and warned of dire consequences should this funding gap not be plugged.

A first instinct would be to ask the fans to cough up more through season tickets, increased gate prices and fundraising initiatives but with the support set to abandon the Fir Parkers to their fate, this would not be possible.

And a second hammer blow would be delivered as visiting fans would surely boycott visits to Fir Park as a result of this sporting betrayal.

Motherwell had already asked fans to dig deep to fund the Well Society but many in  the support would have little interest in further backing this scheme in the event of a yes vote.

That would leave the club without an overdraft facility, no wealthy backer and no means of providing short-term cover for cash flow shortages; it is feared administration could become inevitable.


The reaction of media and fans (of various clubs) to our statement has been, in places, hysterical and downright ignorant. This is an emotive issue but some common sense is required.  The club are quite right to worry about the worst case scenarios on both sides of the decision - anything better is a bonus and can be dealt with a lot more easily than a sudden crisis.  Preparing the fans to rally round and warn them of the need to dig deep to avoid short-term consequences is not bad thing.