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Last updated : 22 November 2009 By Firparkcorner

While it’s easy to claim that some of the draws in the run were relatively disappointing we have to accept that the season to date has exceeded our expectations.  After twelve games we are in fifth place and four points ahead of Aberdeen in sixth.  

A combination of excellent work in the loan market and the promotion of our upcoming youngsters together with a football philosophy expounded by the manager have produced a team which has the potential to see us qualify for Europe next season.  Of course, there’s no guarantee that we will finish in the top half of the table never mind in a European qualifying place but given our success to date it must be a possibility.

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There are lots of obstacles in the way.  Our small squad would find it hard to cope with a series of injuries although we’ve had our fair share in the first third of the season.  The January transfer window will provide a real test.  Can we hold on to the on-loan players?  Could we survive if Ruddy returns to Everton?  The window also gives Gannon the opportunity to strengthen the team.  It might be that some well kent faces have to make way but that might have to be price to be paid as the new man builds his team.

There is one more significant development which has to be acknowledged, the pitch.  The smooth surface has encouraged players to pass the ball with confidence that it will reach the target without the random bobbles which destroyed our game last season.   Given the rainfall on Lanarkshire this last week is now obvious that the investment over the summer was money well spent.