Alan Burrows Continues to Push Forward

Alan Burrows looked back on an exciting and memorable season in an interview carried on Motherwell's YouTube channel.  He then summarised the close season improvements taking place at Fir Park and urged fans to continue their backing of the Well Society.

He spoke of the team's improved performance that delivered league safety and a couple of finals to the previous season that had us too close to the relegation zone.  The only regret was that the progress stopped short of a first trophy after a 27 year wait.

Looking forward he stressed the need to avoid complacency.  The experience of Partick Thistle (top six last season, now relegated) is a warning that will be heeded.  Everyone at the club is being encouraged to give an extra effort as we move to the new season.  The club has to develop both on and off the park.

The work of the close season sets up the stall for the next campaign.  Whereas we needed a big turnover of playing staff a year ago this time will be more about fine tuning.  The majority of the first team are already contracted but he is hopeful that some signing news will be revealed in the next few days.

The pitch is being renewed and a new irrigation system is being installed.  Astroturf run off areas will be in place for the start of the season and the perimeter wall in front of the Phil O'Donnell stand has gone. 

A new website should be launched at the end of June with enough capacity to cope with busy surges.  The eticketing is active and the matching access system will soon be in place.  The new scoreboard is on the way and discussions are taking place about a new PA system.

The new strip will soon be revealed and a sponsorship agreement is almost concluded.

The first year of fan ownership has seen the Well Society grow and update their systems.  He emphasised the close working relationship between the two boards and highlighted that the 2,600 members now on board was a high proportion of our normal home attendance.  But anyone not yet signed up was encouraged to join.  The more pledges that arrive will drive further improvements at the club.

He concluded by reminding everyone that the change from peacock to feather duster is too easy but that would be avoided with everyone at Fir Park working hard  to ensure the club is as successful as can be.

The full interview is here.