Alan Burrows happy for a review after the crisis

Last updated : 26 May 2020 By John Wilson

Motherwell’s Chief Executive wants a fundamental review of Scottish football after the current crisis ends. 

Our CEO took part in a two hour podcast (Are You Not Entertained?) hosted by Roger Mitchell (formerly of the SPL) and Grant Williams.  The focus of the chat was the changes needed in Scottish football make it attractive to big investors.

Joining our man in the podcast were Dave Cormack, the chairman of Aberdeen, Daryl Broadfoot and Jim Spence.


 They had a wide ranging examination of the changes that might be needed to our game in order to attract the likes of private equity firms to place capital into Scottish football.  It may not surprise listeners to discover that no magic solution emerged (although the models found in the US seemed to find favour) but for those looking to kill a couple of hours in lockdown the chat flowed well.

Alan Burrows re-stated Motherwell’s position that an examination of our game is needed but that it should not take place under the current extreme circumstances.

“At the end of this, If we want to have an overarching review of Scottish football, its governance and its structures, we would be delighted to be a part of that.  We should always review what we do.  What I did not think was worthwhile at this particular time was binding it to a very specific situation that I think is too narrow and in the midst of a existential crisis for the game and the individual businesses within it.  I don’t think, and Motherwell doesn’t think, that it was the right thing to do at this time.

“But going forward, should we do it? Absolutely.