Come on ye 'Well

Last updated : 30 July 2006 By Firparkcorner

We may be twenty fours hours behind the rest of the field but that will hardly dampen the anticipation of the fans. An afternoon spent kicking heels as the other results roll in is no way to spend a Saturday but those who click the turnstiles at Fir Park for this first game of 2006/7 will forget the inconvenience of a Sunday kick off when the teams take to the field.

It may be that the stands behind each goal are packed with, err, opposition supporters. But the longs sides of the park will belong to ‘Well fans and we need to make sure that the team know we are there. We know that Motherwell teams can raise there performance for the big occasions in front of a decent home crowd so let's make sure they know we are there.

Come on ye Well!