Dundee 24h on

In the end we were grateful for the point.  Every one of the claret and amber gave their all for the cause and together they stopped the rot.  Fresh legs and a few sticking plasters will be needed as the year comes to a close.

To McCann and his men it will seem like two points dropped.  Three hits against our woodwork and a final minute goal bound header were probably deserving of the win but some determined defence saved the day.

Among several fine performances Dunne and Tanner had honourable mentions; Carson and Hartley made important contributions despite obvious discomfort.  Bigirimana completed a rare 90 minutes and impressed with his distribution.  His ability to spot and deliver a pass more than compensate for his lightweight approach to the grinding duties of a midfielder. 

In the end we have to be grateful for the gift of a penalty.  Kipré was on the wrong end of a clearing boot but he posed no imminent goal threat.  Tanner converted and we levelled the game.  Without the aid of a set piece the prospect of a goal looked poor.  We lacked any cutting edge. 

Bowman, Newell, Petravicius, Tanner and Fisher form our attacking strength but they lack the creative spark needed to turn a game.  Tanner's quick feet may offer the best hope and his goal on Saturday will boost his confidence but it's clear that the manager's choice of a winter break striker will be crucial.  We can't rely on the opposition to be so helpful in presenting us with scoring chances.

Fixture against Rangers and Hamilton will finish off the year.  The trip to Ibrox will test our battered squad further but it will give a few of our more inexperienced players a turn on the big stage.  Regardless of fans' views about a winter break, the January shutdown will provide a welcome period of rest and recovery.  If we can resume with a fully fit eleven and a cup win over our neighbours we can enter 2018 with renewed hope.