Dunfermline -24h On

Last updated : 30 April 2006 By Firparkcorner

Andy Paton makes the half time draw.
Terry Butcher is not a man who likes to lose under any circumstances and he made that quite clear with his post-match comments. Perhaps he'll regret his words suggesting that some players played their way out of the club with that showing or he might surprise and release a few shocks. It's hard to see that though. We cannot afford to pay off players under contract a la Dundee United and uninterested showings in a glorified friendly will not be enough to see us withdraw the contracts recently offered to Hammell and Corrigan.

Butcher also suggested their would be big changes for the Livingston game, which is great, but it still seems three matches beyond when it should have happened. The fans would have wanted to see young players given a chance against Dunfermline – they would have fought for a start – and the management would have learned something about the kids. Even had the usual suspects played well and won, what would we have learned? That we can take care of relegation fodder at home with this season's first XI? Hardly earth shattering stuff.

Livingston have been one of the worst sides seen in the SPL and it is not unfair to say that not many people will miss them. It's £18 for adults on Wednesday night and, kids playing or not, the dedicated few who go will either deserve a medal or they should be committed. The pricing structure at normal football games is madness and occasions like this only serve to highlight it further. At least it is the last time our fans will be ripped off for a few months and soon we can all start enjoying lazy days in the sun while a feast of football goes on in Germany. Motherwell have had another long and at times eventful season in 05/06; a break will do the fans, players and management good and that break can't come soon enough.