Dunfermline 24h on

Last updated : 06 April 2003 By Firparkcorner

It is hard to keep a realistic perspective on the prospects for the remainder of the season when surrounded by fans adopting the mantra – “We’re doomed!”.

We need all sorts of supporters on Saturday!
The game turned in a crazy ten second period in the first half. Keith Lasley saw his header rebound off the inside of the post and in a flash the ball was cleared to Brewster who had half the park to himself. Tony Vaughan’s efforts at impeding him were none too subtle and the resultant red card effectively snuffed out our chance of taking anything from the game.

Lasley must still be having nightmares about his cruel luck, as the same post had denied him minutes earlier when he managed to keep the ball out the Pars’ net from a couple of yards. What might have been! We all know the cliché about teams at the bottom having ‘nae luck’ and the witnesses to the defeat can testify to the truth of it.

Reports of Dunfermline’s ‘comfortable win’ were, in the end, true. But if either of Keith’s chances had crossed the line . . . . .

Before the doom merchants have us relegated let’s remember that the results elsewhere were kind. Livi, Thistle and United all lost and United have to host Rangers next Sunday (its on BBC Scotland).

The balance of our games till the end of the season are at Fir Park and we have shown often enough that we are a match for anyone in our own sand pit.

There’s no doubt that the next game, against Dundee, is important and that what the team needs is a large, loud and enthusiastic home support to act as twelfth man. Now is the time to get organised – persuade the part time fans that their voices are needed. Let’s hope that every ‘Well fan within striking distance of Fir Park turns up – Come on ye ‘Well!