Dunfermline - 24h On

Last updated : 29 January 2006 By Firparkcorner

A few individuals rate an honourable mention after Saturday’s efforts. Colin Meldrum acquitted himself well with only his second appearance of the season. His view of the shot which gave Young the first goal was partially obstructed but he produced a couple of fine saves later in the game. Richie Foran had an inspired spell in the first half. He became a one man swarm in the Dunfermline penalty box and come close on at least four occasions with the best of the efforts needing the woodwork to keep the ball from crossing the line.

Our new forward, Steve McGarry, made his ‘Well debut when he was thrown on for the last five minutes. He had a half chance of glory in the dying seconds but his ambitious lash at the ball was mis-timed and caused no threat.

What has happened to McBride? The skills which endeared him to us in the spell before his injury were his pace and the ability he had to skin a full back. Since his return the pace is missing. Of more concern is the increasing tendency he has to pass the ball backwards rather than making an attempt to get by his man (though he failed miserably when he tried on Saturday).

The current standings are, Played 24 Points 30 Position 7.

At the same stage in 2004/5 - Played 24 Points 30 Position 6 and in 2003/4 Played 24 Points 30 Position 5. How’s that for consistency?