Dunfermline - 24 h on

Last updated : 25 January 2012 By Firparkcorner

Craigan, Ojamaa and Higdon were the focus of the post-match chatter as the crowd streamed from the ground. 

Alan_MuirRegardless of the right or wrong in the case of the captain's dismissal, there was much praise for the reaction of the remaining ten players.  Over the last few seasons Motherwell have struggled to overcome ten men and it was great to see them take the game to Dunfermline rather than take the easier option of sitting in to preserve a point.

McCall's tactics were correct and he'll be delighted with the players' efforts.  Clancy fitted in well to the centre of defence and we should not be overly concerned if he starts in the same position on Saturday.  It has to be acknowledged that the Dunfermline attack was poor but our back line stood the test well.

Those of us who had been at Tannadice were aware of the difference that Ojamaa made to the team when he came off the bench for the last half hour.  Such had been the anticipation of his first start that we might have been hoping for too much from the 20 year old Estonian.  He delivered in full.  He chased lost causes, found space between defence and midfield and with his close control and ability to turn on a sixpence caused problems that had the Pars lost.  His goal was aided by some feckless goalkeeping but he delivered a spark that has been lacking over the last month.   he has earned another start but let's now expect him to carry the team for the rest of the season.

Was Tuesday the first time we have heard chants in support of Higdon?  Few of his more vocal critics were brave enough to do more than whisper any criticism and the sual terracing humour found a solution - Let's do the Higgy!  Maybe at his next goal the whole team should gather in a huddle and celebrate with a Higgy?

Now that we have regained the third place we have occupied for most of the season it might be that we can restore the passing game that proved so successful from in August and September.  No better place to put it to the test than against St Johnstone this weekend.