Fans Say Thanks to BJ & Co.

Last updated : 01 May 2004 By Firparkcorner

Bryan Jackson and Anne Buchanan of PKF will be presented with a memento on behalf of the supporters for the efforts at the club over the past two years.

Anne has had a lower profile role than Bryan and as a result much of her work has gone unseen but it was felt appropriate that both should attend the half time presentation on the pitch. Their involvement with the club and fans over such a long time has enabled them to become part of the ‘Well community as a result it will be a wrench for them to give up their duties.

It is to be hoped that a sizeable crowd turns up for the United game and the incentive of entry at a fiver for adults and a pound for kids should help to swell the numbers.

PKF will be part match sponsors at next week’s fixture

Bryan did a Q&A session on FirParkCorner while we were still in administration. A summary of the evening is available here.