Farewell Captain?

Last updated : 19 January 2004 By Firparkcorner

Leitch in high spirits
In all honesty, it would not be a big surprise if Leitchy does decide to call it a day. He has been very injury prone in the last couple of years with problems affecting his knee and now shoulder. Ironically, it is never other players who seem to injure Scott, something always seems to go wrong when he is trying to tackle them!

Indeed, watching an injured Leitch hobble through the end of last season, I was moved to suggest we get rid of him in the 4-4-2 magazine season preview. I am delighted to say that I got that one totally wrong and the Captain has been a transformed player from last year. Yes, he struggles to play on through too many injuries and his determination to do well for the club is almost too much. But earlier in the season, when he was fit and able to play his role, he showed he can still do it very well.

We do not employ Scott to score goals, which is a good job given his tally of one in over one hundred games. Instead, he harries and chases the opposition all day, never giving them space in the middle of the park. As a captain, he leads by example, throwing himself into challenges and demanding the best from his teammates.

A familiar sight

Does the Captain have another season left in him? Maybe. No one other than Leitch himself, Butcher and the medical staff will truly know. If he does decide to hang up the boots though we will have a hard time replacing him, both as a battler and a captain.