Fir Park - game off

Last updated : 16 January 2015 By Firparkcorner

The club made the announcement late on Friday afternoon quoting  Alan Marshall the Safety and Facilities manager.

“Some of the aluminium facings on the side of the East Stand have been blown off by the wind, making the adjacent panels unsecure.

 “Should any others come detached whilst people are in the Stadium, it could pose a real threat to the safety of not only the players and officials on the park, but the spectators inside the ground.

“We have tried everything we can to rectify the issue but have been thwarted by either more high winds or snow. Sadly, it would be impossible to not only secure the panels that are visibly hanging loose, but also to check all others in the same area in time for kick-off on Saturday. If another fell and hit someone, the consequences would be unthinkable.

“Regretfully, I have had to insist on the match being postponed to allow us sufficient time to make safe that particular concern, and other areas of more minor storm damage to both the Davie Cooper and Maxim Office Park Stands too.”


Update:  The game will now take place on Saturday 7 March.