Fir Park renewal on the way

Last updated : 12 June 2022 By John Wilson

The Fir Park pitch has undergone an expensive major renovation in the last month and soon green shoots will appear on the new surface. 

The replacement of the of the top layer of the old park had become a regular occurrence in recent years but this installation of a hybrid surface involves a complete renewal.  When fans return late in July they will see the usual new season pristine grass but it will hide the new drainage and undersoil heating systems below.

Since the club emerged from administration in 2004 there have been several attempts to solve long running issues with the playing surface.


The South Stand with its new Zoom dressing looked over the preparations in 2004.


A repair arrives in 2008

Compaction of the soul particularly in at the south end of the pitch was blamed for the deterioration that became evident in 2007/8.  The groundsharing arrangement with Gretna may have provided some financial comfort but the surface suffered.


John Ruddy flattens a divot in February 2010

In 2009 Motherwell was fined £20,000 (suspended) following a failure of the undersoil heating system and that was followed by a £50,000 (£45,000 suspended) penalty due to the shocking state of the pitch.

 C:WindowsTempphpD46B.tmpMay 2010

In June 2010 Leeann Dempster explained the virtues of the fibre sand mixture that was tobe the pitch's salvation.


In 2014 Paul Matthews was appointed groundsman and with the enthusiastic backing of the board he produced a wonderful surface.  The pitch earned praise but it can at a big annual cost.  The fundamental weakness remained.


At the club AGM in February it was confirmed that another costly scheme would start this close season.  The twitter feed from @Alan_Burrows shows progress.

Fingers crossed!