GLF73 on sale this Saturday

Last updated : 27 November 2009 By Christopher Hutton

Issue 72
I present a match by match section with only two defeats to report on as well as comments on our perfect pitch and needs for squad surgery in January, whilst Derek muses about "Mark Who?" and short-termism, and Graham pontificates on more than just the Old Firm, traffic and our 'wee' SPL' neighbours (and they're both plugging their books too - only 28 shopping days to go......).

Tommy investigates our strange new tactics, John covers topics such as Brighton, Jamie Murphy, Calum Elliott and Paisley, and regular as clockwork Geoff Quizzes and Rocks alongside Ricky's Ranting.

Please take pity on our sellers as they stave off the wind, rain and goodness knows whatever else November will throw at us as we bravely get a dry(ish) issue 73 to you for your shiny gold coin!!!!!

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