GLF 58 On the Streets on Saturday

Last updated : 01 December 2005 By Christopher Hutton

GLF 57
Plenty of opinions served up by ten contributors this time around, with Derek Wilson looking at a possible reason as to why our performances are consistently inconsistent and Andy Paterson focuses on the current trials and tribulations of poor ol' Eck.

Graham Barnstaple and John Creighton cast their respective nets far and wide as per, touching on subjects as diverse as Football Finances, Craggo, new stadia and Brian Kerr.

Geoff brings us his most difficult quiz yet ( I got ten out of ten, naturally..... ) and gives us advance warning on a new innovation that the SPL may be adopting from American Football.

Top Ten Ted's 'Greatest Of My Time' rundown has reached Left-Back's - how many crackers and turkeys can you think of for this position??? Kristopher Jack literally waxes lyrical, Kenny Angove extols our goalscoring midfielder and you can all stop sending in your letters of complaint and scrap the proposed petition - after missing the last issue ( his fault mind, no' mines!! ) Ricky Mullen is back in full Rant mode.

With yours truly looking back at four years of Butcher and bringing you our latest batch of match reports, there's something for everyone. It'll be easy to buy - just spot the nutters standing around Fir Park turning a chilly shade of blue, give 'em a pound and try not to look surprised that instead of getting a Big Issue you get a lovely, shiny copy of GLF - if nothing else it'll give you something to cover your eyes with as the game ticks towards stoppage time...............

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