GLF #70 out on Saturday

Last updated : 21 November 2008 By GLF Editor
The last issue
As it's our first outing since our European mini-tour, there's plenty of Nancy memories in the 36 pages as Graham reviews plenty of Nancy stuff, the Old Firm, and a myriad of other things including refs and tickets prices, whilst Onlooker also covers subject matter aplenty from ticket shambles to fairweathers to McGhee's future.

Derek backs the boss as well as plugging the must-have stocking filler for anyone of a Claret & Amber persuasion!!! Meanwhile, Geoff Baby shows his age with a quiz on the forgotten era the 1980's, internationalist's roots and Kris Boyd!

Ricky still has plenty to Rant about and yours truly updates our match-to-match from defeat to Aberdee to, erm, defeat to Celtic, and reviews some of our well-used 'utility' players to date this term.

Please, please, please keep both peepers out for us on Saturday not only because if reports are correct we might be under tons of snow, but also due to that darned credit crunch we're a bit light on sellers so ensure you seek out your last copy of GLF for 2008!!!!!