GLF 76 - a Boxing Day treat!

Last updated : 22 December 2010 By Christopher Hutton

glf75Yeah, it's right Christmassy n' all that, but the snow stopped our latest issue hitting the streets as scheduled on the 4th.  No probs, we'll sell Boxing Day - how much can happen at MFC in only 3 short snowbound weeks......

It may be telling but looking through the 40 pages, there ain't too many mentions of our departed duo anyway so issue 76 isn't that out of date (especially compared to the Jambo's programme the other night?!).

Eddie lauds the life of George Stevenson and berates Shellic, Geoff Baby quizzes and Rocks & Graham's football year rumbles onwards as he comments on stuff such as Refs and Scotland games.

Tommy examines Parkhead's conspiracy theories,  Onlooker has his twopenneth along with reviewing our current squad, and Ricky has his last Rant of 2010 whilst I review our 21st century to date including a focus on all the own goals we've benefitted from as well as updating our match reports from Perth in September to Paisley in November.

Don't be confused by the Avatar look-a-likes stationed outside the park on Sunday - that'll be the faithful GLF sellers braving the elements looking for but a single quid for their efforts!!!!!!