GLF Fanzine - Out on Saturday

Last updated : 14 September 2005 By Christopher Hutton
GLF 56
Like the squad so far, we've been hit by a number of call-offs and unavailable team members even at this early stage in the season (it's been so crippling a list that we've even been denied the services of the Kaiser Corrigan of GLF Towers, Ricky and his Rant!?!?!) but we've managed to field an experienced line-up of eight of our regulars to bring you their views on what they expect season 2005/2006 to hold for us.

Despite being another year older ( and wiser ?? ) regular fixtures Graham Barnstaple and Geoff Baby remain a secure defensive partnership with their comments on topics as diverse as agents and Boys Brigade football memories!!! In the middle, Onlooker & Eddie Steelman are as committed and tenacious as ever, with Eddie bring us his Top Ten 'Well Right-Backs, whilst we go three up front with the youthful yet well-kent faces of Malcolm Boyd, Gavin McCafferty and Derek Wilson.

As it's the first issue of the season, we bring you this years Poll Results with all your old favourites in the thick of the votes - Gerry Britton, the Old Firm, Neil Lennon, Alex McLeish, Hugh Keevins and many, many more.
As GLF isn't averse to jumping on a topical bandwagon as the notion takes us, we follow in the footsteps of all those well-loved publications like the Red Tops, Heat, Maxim etc by taking full advantage of our colour cover to bring you a topless model in order to boost sales - don't say we don't give the people what they want!!!

You'll find Andy, (a now fit for selection) Ricky, Calum, Iain and yours truly dotted around the perimeter of the ground from two o'clock onwards willing and able to exchange a fanzine for just a shiny pound coin - see you then!!

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