Here We Go Again

Last updated : 01 June 2004 By Firparkcorner

‘Well fans know only too well the ups and downs associated with this type of end of season wrangle. If there is anything clear in the current muddle it is that the present interpretation of the SPL rules has caused confusion and uncertainty. Steps have to be taken to ensure that this chaos is ended.

Motherwell fans accept that we were the beneficiaries of last’s season’s mess and that the natural order of promotion and relegation should be a fundamental rule of league competition. The current episode seems to have a way to run yet. ICT have indicated that they will appeal the decision with the SFA and after that it could be Thistle who take to the courts.

Our vote at the meeting was cast by Stuart Roberson who was quoted, "Motherwell voted for the Caley Thistle proposal and we are disappointed by the result. Contrary to what has been reported, we kept an open mind on the issue and listened to the arguments for and against before reaching our decision. We thought that Caley Thistle put forward a viable ground-sharing arrangement."

Regardless of the way any club voted there seems to be a fundamental problem with the rules when a debate can ensue about whether a club has satisfied the membership criteria. Either a club meets the criteria or it does not. The subjectivity has to be removed from the process and the sooner the better.